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JWH Professional Services Limited




What We Do

Work desk


We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle any type of job that comes our way.

Our specialism is in legal content, for example:

  • contracts of all kinds

  • legislation and regulations

  • corporate internal communications and policies

  • external publications

We can also handle:

  • marketing content

  • travel and tourism

  • product descriptions and manuals

  • certificates and ID documents

  • even short stories and comics

In every case, you can expect from us efficient, professional and accurate results.

Checking Text on a Document


You have something already translated, but want to make sure that it is:

  • linguistically accurate

  • correctly formatted

  • suitable for your target audience.

Our editing service will ensure:

  • the words used will convey the meaning you want

  • the tone is appropriate

  • the appearance of the end product looks professional

  • consistency with your other company publications.

We can help you present yourself as someone who fully understands your customer's needs.

Red circle proof reading correction


You want your documents to read fluently, just like a native English speaker would have it.

Have us proofread your documents. A native English speaker who has an intimate knowledge of Chinese culture and expectations will read through your documents, to ensure everything is up to the standard you need. Grammar, spelling, word choice, industry jargon and formatting, will all be checked in detail.

Image by Christian Wiediger

Machine Translation Post-editing

Machine translation is becoming increasingly popular, but can you really trust it? Machines cannot reflect the nuances of a language; they do not always use your preferred phrases. They may even get the meaning and grammar wrong.

We can check the machine's output and turn it into a piece as good as human translation, but at a fraction of the cost.

Image by Annie Spratt

Recent work

Editing company policies for digital signature and use of corporate seal

Translating and editing property sale agreements and leases

Translating user interfaces of apps and websites

Editing and translating financial statements and annual reports of companies listed in Hong Kong and China

Review set of judgments in complex judicial case in Hong Kong

Translating the transfer pricing report of a Taiwanese company

Translating company articles of association and board resolutions

Creating and editing the Chinese/English section of a revolutionary multi-lingual online legal dictionary

Editing the prospectus for an investment fund

Translating marketing and product brochures of an international bodycare and home fragrance brand

Translating academic certificates, marriage certificates, passports and immigration papers

Translating Cantonese conversation in text and video into English

What our clients say about us

Jennifer is a very bright and easygoing person with a thorough understanding of UK law, Chinese legal concepts, and the Chinese language. A pleasure to work with.


Who We Are


Founded in 2011 and run by Jennifer Howitt, a Chinese native born in Hong Kong who has practised law for over 14 years in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, we offer Chinese-English language services with an emphasis on legal and business content.

It is crucial to have a professional translator, preferably one with legal practice experience, to translate and edit your Legal and Business documents. Accuracy is key; not getting the wording right can result in ambiguity and, worse, unintended legal consequences.

We understand that in the world of business, things move quickly. We therefore work hard to understand your timetable and goals, and we will work with you to provide documents that you can trust in the timeframe you require.

Jennifer is a Chartered Linguist of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, the leading UK-based professional membership body for language practitioners.

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